Cleaning Management System


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues the march of development at an accelerated rate to keep pace with population growth and its future requirements. Our client plays a leading and effective role in supporting this developmental process by putting in efforts at their best potential for serving the citizens and residents. Moreover, it is an extension of good leadership to support meaningful efforts.

Business Need

  • To study and document work procedures and re-engineering all necessary procedures to achieve excellence in the provision of cleaning and rubble services.
  • To provide all necessary programs, licenses, and equipment to complete automation operations.
  • To develop performance indicators for all hygiene and rubble control operations.

Business Challenge

The enterprise sought to enhance the customer experience by providing multiple channels of communication and Leader is committed in using the latest technologies to ensure the quality of service provided.

Our Solution

Leader Group, as a best solution is offering training services, technical support, maintenance and modernization of systems and devices.

  • Ensuring supervision of team on cleaning works.
  • Follow-up and registration of debris contractors.
  • Managing disposal sites.
  • Fully implement the field monitoring services in accordance with procedures approved by the project owner.
  • Provide the appropriate means of transportation with sufficient preparation, taking into account the latest model of observers and field supervisors during working hours, after taking the approval of the supervising authority of the project, for providing the means of transport and the efficiency and suitability to implement the program.
  • Provide means of communication for observers and supervisors after taking the approval of the supervisor of the project.
  • Provide a strategic study, containing the best international practices on the use of waste and debris.


  • The advancement in this project, increased the management capabilities of the client.
  • Helped in supervising the staff remotely.
  • Improved means of transportation and communication.
  • Disposal sites managed effectively and efficiently.
  • Best practices are implemented.

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