Contact Center


The Contact Center or Center for Communications and Emergency is the main link for monitoring emergency situations or any situation, that is dangerous to the overall population.

Business Need

With time-consuming manual processes dulling responsiveness and impacting the help provided to people, the client looked for a more effective and automated way to manage and follow up millions of communications and emergencies to facilitate and follow up the operations.

Business Challenge

Our clients care about driving high operational efficiency and delivering top-notch customer service. Moreover, during uncertain times, client faced continued pressure to keep its readiness to receive communications and emergencies, maintain processes and to keep everything under control.

Our Solution

After evaluating the current status of Communications and Emergency Center we established some solutions to avoid the delay of responses. The clients now have a good knowledge on how to monitor complaints, emergency issues, irregularities or any situation causing harm or danger to the population or visitors.

Our solution to develop this case:

  • We offered solutions to facilitate people-to-people communication, including unified communications, and it connects it to the emergency center.
  • Supports free video calls, phone calls, chat, SMS and social media. In addition, it can also be linked to the Interactive Response Service (IVR).
  • Provided the system administrator with all powers, which enabled him to manage users, define their tasks and powers and add all data related to them.
  • Provided monitoring of communications, crises, and emergencies, to manage the exchange of information between groups and departments.
  • Offered reporting and performance measures


  • Client’s manual operations were replaced with automation, to match our solution with digital transformation.
  • Staffs are now capable of directly managing emergency cases in seconds, instead of hours or days.
  • Standardizing the system increased productivity and reduced costs, and shaped agility.
  • Omnichannel facility for better client experience and offered scalability and flexibility.

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