Gardening Management System


The objective of this solution is to prepare an administrative system that will enable the client to develop the supervision process for the maintenance and operation of the gardens and to develop technical mechanisms that will enable it to confirm and match the operational efficiency.

Business Need

Our client had an urgent need to enhance garden availability to citizens and visitors across the kingdom and simplify the public access to the client. To achieve this, it was necessary to expedite the process to deliver monitoring service and improve the service standards to all parties. To deliver high standard of services, it became incumbent on the client to address the impending need to upgrade the legacy systems.

Business Challenge

Leader was required to look at this issue from a long-term perspective and ensure that the solution is scalable and shall be able to cope up with future needs. Existing systems were built on multiple technologies at different locations. Moreover, the plans to introduce new internet-based services to the client’s employees added to the challenge.

Our Solution

Leader took a comprehensive approach in designing the best solution environment for the Client - seeks to improve scalability, modularity, security, robustness, network resilience, stability, manageability, and after-sale support & maintenance.

While designing this solution, we completed supervision of the maintenance and operation of gardens and the preparation of consultancy studies, which helps in the development of maintenance and operation of gardens to ensure that we follow up digital transformation.


  • The client received a combination of strategic benefits in different domains of business, architecture, technology, and management of the new system
  • Leader enhanced the business domain with its sound strategy, planning and implementation to provide end-to-end system that achieved location independence, multi-site optimization, converged network, rapid application development, self-service & call treatment capabilities.
  • Scalability and operational efficiency improved.


  • Increase the effectiveness of market inspection.
  • Strategic Reports and Studies.
  • Improve health and reduce infection and disease.
  • Raising public satisfaction with markets and services.

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