Health Monitoring System


This solution aims to supervise and improve the health of the environment in the facilities of our client by automating all the control processes, and by evaluating and assigning the health control to develop the follow up mechanisms to ensure that it is applied to all facilities with health requirements.

Business Need

Our client assigned us to a lead a complete technological transformation in their IT, with an added requirement to deploy several new internet-based services. Moreover, required an application as an informative and interactive tool, for the client to keep public informed and updated with news, processes, content, regulations, and services.

Business Challenge

  • Lack of IT baseline data, hampered the ability to identify and rectify malfunctions, leading to significant aggregated Technical and Commercial losses
  • High turnaround time for customer requests such as new connection processing, name change, tariff plan modification, load enhancement or reduction and so on.

Our Solution

Leader Group is offering this solution to facilitate people-to-people communication, including mobile application and other sources, and to connect it to the right people.

Key Solution Components:

  • The system allows the addition of parameters on the maps, which allows the possibility of selecting the name of the parameters and choosing the type of system to determine the coordinates of the location automatically.
  • Create a structure for people involved in the task escalation process.
  • Escalation through multiple mechanisms.
  • Enables connectivity and integration with other systems.
  • Full control of powers.
  • Enables connectivity with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on.
  • Allows full integration with the Unified Communications System.


  • Increase the effectiveness of market inspection.
  • Strategic Reports and Studies.
  • Improve health and reduce infection and disease.
  • Raising public satisfaction with markets and services.

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