Visual Distortion Management System


Leader Group developed the visual distortion management system, to enable service agencies to deal with visual pollutants and to reduce its spread. In this case, we must provide and operate all the necessary software systems that enable the control of the optical contaminants and the provision and installation of the servers, computers, infrastructure, and any other devices required to operate the systems

Business Need

Our client aims have an inventory and to gain a remedy for visual distortion through the implementation of project, at all stages of the preparation of studies and surveys. Moreover, the development of solutions for the implementation of remedy includes all elements such as the treatment of buildings and billboards, shops and sidewalks and lighting poles and others, through a system that assigns the tasks of inspection to field observers, to receive reports of any visual distortion.

Business Challenge

The challenges which are unique to the visual distortion sector are numerous, and the last thing they need to worry about is their IT environment being the cog in the machine that stops it all from turning. Leader takes a forensic approach to analyze the best way to ensure that factory settings are streamlined and optimized to the maximum, while maintaining security practices that guard against the holes born of employee turnover

Our Solution

In this case our solution provided to the client is to implement a project to provide consulting services for the visual distortion issues, affiliated with the geographical boundaries of the municipalities, study and document the work procedures and reschedule all necessary procedures to achieve excellence in the treatment of visual distortions.

Key Solution Components:

  • Complete all inventory and to follow-up the treatment of visual distortion.
  • Provide all necessary programs, licenses, and equipment to complete the automation processes.
  • Develop performance indicators for all visual distortions.
  • Training the team to use all the systems mentioned in the brochure.
  • Provide training services, technical support, maintenance and modernization of systems and devices.
  • Training the staff within the Secretariat, from staffs and administrators as well as consultants to use the system.
  • Provide and operate the system of inventory and follow-up treatment of visual distortion, which includes the following systems :
    • Optical Distortion Management System.
    • Task assignment system.
    • Manpower Management System.
    • Business planning system.
    • Automatic escalation system.
    • Vehicle management system.
    • Field control system.
    • Geographic mapping system.
    • Reporting system and performance measures.


  • Best solution provided to help the clients succeed, in unlikely situations of various catastrophic events.
  • Visual pollutants are dealt efficiently, and their spread has been reduced.
  • Performance indicators have been laid out efficiently.
  • Clients are now well-versed and proficient in using different systems effectively.

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