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Call centers operate over the phone, being their main channel of communication. Call centers are typically designed to handle large volumes of calls and are used to handle customer service, technical support, and so on. They can field inbound calls, perform outbound calls, or be a hybrid of the two.

Outsourcing your call center can improve customer service. For companies that are using shared services and have the requirement for a call center, outsourcing the center is a common choice. Outsourcing reduces overheads, provides continuous 24-hour service, increases customer satisfaction, saves on staffing, office space, equipment, and other overhead costs.

Leader Group provides outsourced call center services to deliver high customer service and enable you to host an Inbound, Outbound, or Blended Call Center on your premise & customize it to your business needs. Moreover, we merge several contact center applications and capabilities into a single-view solution and make your call center operations easy and efficient. We provide companies with a team managing all their customer relations, which allows their internal teams to focus on building the business whilst our call center team handles the administration of customer contacts.

We commit to providing high customer engagement and experience, quality services, and all benefits of a full call center service.

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