Low Current Systems

Low Current infrastructure is a central part of any new building construction from residential, hotel, commercial complexes, or mixed-use structures and they operate and function using a low current signal with extra-low voltage.

Leader Group provides Low Current System services to meet your needs. Our high-performance low current systems allow you to stay in full control of the premises whether it is corporate, institutional, private, public, or residential and are engineered to provide end-to-end service from the smallest endpoint to the central back-end control systems.

Our engineering support team will design communications & multimedia, smart technologies systems, audiovisuals, integrated free & voice alarm and security systems, and other specialized solutions. By working closely with you, we shall ensure that your facilities meet today’s needs and tomorrow`s opportunities. Our trained professionals are ready to bring technical expertise to your commercial, industrial, and institutional projects.

Our competencies would best be described by the vast industry segments we cater to, be it finance, healthcare, education, government, non-governmental organizations, energy, and utilities, and so on. We have been meeting the low current systems requirements with a variety of unique products and our goal has been to offer reliable products and dependable customer support.

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