Business Architecture

Business Architecture is a strategic business practice used to address the significant challenges of today’s evolving business environment.

Leader Groups’ Business Architecture framework satisfies a broad spectrum of strategic, tactical, and operational planning needs. Our Business Architecture models and activities assist management executives by providing various holistic views and perspectives of the organization's motivations, capabilities, value streams, and initiatives across functional, product, resource, geographic, market, and other dimensions.

Our core concept within the business architecture is the business process. Moreover, we use models and analytical approaches to provide a framework for informed decision making supporting a range of organizational change and development initiatives – from cost reduction and restructuring, to process improvement and business transformations, to IT and other strategic investments. Organizations use these business architecture blueprints to align organizational strategies, define future state target operating models, support the discovery of requirements for strategic initiatives, identify potential shared services, and assist program portfolio planning.

To realize strategy or business transformation objectives, a company's business and operating structure must often be re-architected. Effective business architecture also plays a critical role in delivering products or services in high quality and low-cost manner.

Our Business architecture essentially defines how processes, technology, organization structure, roles and competencies, metrics, and infrastructure need to be structured, configured, and integrated to support new business strategies. Moreover, provides a shared vision for the organization and serves as a critical foundation to guide future improvements.

As a strategy, process, and technology experts, we work with you to provide seamless business architecture services.

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