Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is all about protecting data that is found in electronic form. Part of that is identifying what the critical data is, where it resides, and the technology you must implement to protect it.

Leader Groups' robust cybersecurity involves implementing controls based on three pillars: People, Processes, and Technology. This three-pronged approach helps organizations defend themselves from both organized attacks and common internal threats, such as accidental breaches and human error.


Every employee needs to be aware of their role in preventing and reducing cyber threats, and specialized technical cybersecurity staff needs to stay fully up to date with the latest skills and qualifications to mitigate and respond to cyber-attacks.


Processes are crucial in defining how the organization's activities, roles, and documentation are used to mitigate the risks to the organization's information. Cyber threats change quickly, so processes need to be continually reviewed to be able to adapt alongside them.


By identifying the cyber risks that your organization faces you can then start to look at what controls to put in place, and what technologies you’ll need to do this. Technology can be deployed to prevent or reduce the impact of cyber risks, depending on your risk assessment and what you deem an acceptable level of risk.

Leader offers comprehensive security and risk assessment services for top management, along with technical consulting and product support for the whole organization. Our seasoned specialists have decades of combined experience in improving the cybersecurity posture of countless organizations.

Business continuity and disaster recovery is a set of processes and techniques we use to help an organization recover from a disaster and continue or resume routine business operations. It is a broad term that combines the roles and functions of IT and business in the aftermath of a disaster.

Leader helps its clients in building a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), examine Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Threat and Risk Analysis (TRA).

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