Quality, Health, Safety, Environment Consultancy (Q.H.S.E)

We value the fact that quality, health, safety, and environmental protection, must be an integral part of all our activities and not a separate issue.

The employees of an organization are often prone to various types of physical, mechanical, biological, chemical, psychological, and social hazards which directly affect their productivity and results in increased costs for the management as well. These hazards become even more significant for manufacturing concerns. Different types of hazards leave serious moral, legal, and financial implications for the workforce as well as for the organizations as a whole and hence there is a growing realization of implementing standards that can help organizations in fostering a safe and healthy work environment at their workplace.

Leader Group helps organizations to establish, implement, maintain and monitor Quality, Health, Environment, and Safety standards and as experts in the field, our consultants have built up a wealth of experience in design and implementation of effective Quality and Health, Safety, and Environmental management systems.

We provide a one-stop service to address your needs in health, safety, and environment and regulatory requirements and our on-site consulting team of experts’ craft solutions that focus on reducing costs and improving service for our clients. Our Certification area services can be characterized in different ways and consequently developed based on Client specific duties.

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