Microsoft Dynamic 365

ERP software provides solutions for managing numerous aspects of an organization, making it easy to collect valuable information and insight related to different departments of business, whereas CRM software allows businesses to manage and monitor interactions with existing customers and potential customers. Customer relationship management solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, are comprised of components to organize, manage, and synchronize interactions related to marketing, sales, customer service and support, and social media.

Microsoft Dynamics offers both ERP and CRM applications to streamline and simplify business processes. The solution provides businesses with the tools they need to create an efficient business ecosystem. Even more, Microsoft Dynamics integration allows businesses to take the power of their ERP and CRM solution to the next level, creating connectivity to other applications, services, systems, and data types.

Microsoft Dynamics users can create instant API connectivity to hundreds of popular applications and services by deploying Any point Connectors. Any point Platform connects various Dynamics ERP products to existing applications and services quickly and easily, allowing organizations to focus on core business needs rather than on overcoming integration challenges. Regardless of whether their Dynamics ERP solution is based in the cloud or on-premises, Any point Platform streamlines connectivity. Pre-packaged integration solutions allow businesses to connect their MS Dynamics ERP and CRM software to accounting, billing, marketing, and social applications as well as legacy systems.

Leader Group provides the components to integrate sales and financial data including leads, orders, interactions, invoices, and inventory. With Data Weave, a graphical data mapping and transformation environment offered in Any point Studio, users can quickly and easily eliminate data clutter and inaccuracies when integrating data.

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