Enterprise Architecture

Leader Groups’ Enterprise architecture is the practice of analyzing, designing, planning, and implementing enterprise analysis to successfully execute business strategies. Our Enterprise Architecture helps businesses structure IT projects and policies to achieve desired business results and to stay on top of industry trends and disruptions using architecture principles and practices, a process also known as enterprise architectural planning (EAP).

Leaders Modern Enterprise Architecture strategies are extended to the entire business, not just IT, to ensure the business is aligned with digital transformation strategies and technological growth. EA is especially useful for large businesses going through a digital transformation because it focuses on bringing legacy processes and applications together to form a more seamless environment.

Our framework successfully combines people, data, and technology to show a comprehensive view of the inter-relationships within an information technology organization, and the ultimate goal of our EAP strategy is to improve the efficiency, timeliness, and reliability of business information.

Leader Groups’ Enterprise Architecture service benefits are:

  • Allowing more open collaboration between IT and business units.
  • Giving business the ability to prioritize investments.
  • Making it easier to evaluate existing architecture against long-term goals.
  • Establishing processes to evaluate and procure technology.
  • Giving a comprehensive view of IT architecture to all business units outside of IT.
  • Providing a benchmarking framework to compare results against other organizations or standards.

According to Leader, a good EAP strategy considers the latest innovations in business processes, organizational structure, information systems, and technologies. We ensure that it includes standard language and best practices for business processes, including analyzing where processes can be integrated or eliminated throughout the organization. Moreover, our Enterprise Architecture can offer support for re-designs and re-organization, especially during major organizational changes, mergers, or acquisitions. It’s also useful for bringing more discipline into the organization by standardizing and consolidating processes for more consistency.

Furthermore, Leader’s Enterprise architects shall ensure that your business structures and processes align with your business goals, effectively and efficiently.

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