Terms of Use

Terms of use

Congratulation, you came to likely the most exhausting segment of our astounding web presence. Indeed, not actually! Knowing your privileges and commitments previously or in the wake of pursuing Leader Group  as a Customer when simply perusing this site or having a certifiable interest in the thing we are doing is vital, so continue to peruse.

Your utilization of all Leader Group Administrations accessible on www.leadergroup.com (the “Administrations”) depends on these Terms of Administrations. To initiate and utilize the Administrations, you should consent to be limited by these Terms of Administration (“Understanding”) with Leader Group . On the off chance that you don’t consent to the entirety of the Terms illustrated in this arrangement, you may NOT utilize the Administrations.

On the off chance that you choose to exploit our services usage warning administrations, you will go into a different concurrence with Leader Group that oversees your relationship with Leader Group and supplants these Terms of Administrations. This arrangement might incorporate programming administrations.

The Leader Group Security Strategy (accessible here) is consolidated thus by reference. This Understanding administers your utilization of the Administrations anyway got to, including through a Web program, cell phone, tablet, or another cell phone.

On the off chance that you pursue the Assistance in the interest of a customer, you address that you are adequately approved to address the element and acknowledge the particulars of this Concession to the benefit of such substance, and any references to “You” in this Arrangement allude to such element and the entirety of its workers, specialists, and specialists. You are answerable for all movements on the Administrations that happen under your record.

Your Utilization of the Administrations

Leader Group claims and works the site and its associated programming stage. Reports and other data and content accessible, including, for instance, any data made accessible to you during a demo of the stage (“Demo”), are all in all alluded to as “Content.” The Substance is secured by overall intellectual property law. Leader Group awards you restricted, revocable permission to access and utilize the Substance and repeat bits of the Substance for the sole reason for investigating the Substance.

Term of Understanding and End

This Understanding will stay basically until the entirety of your memberships actuated as per this arrangement has lapsed, or this arrangement is ended either by You or Leader Group  (the “Term”). If you choose to utilize the Administrations for free time for testing and don’t buy a membership before the finish of such period, this arrangement will lapse toward the finish of the free time for testing. A purchased membership starts with the date shown upon installment (in the event of Visa installment) or with the data displayed on the receipt shipped off you (disconnected charging) and goes on for the period chosen by you upon information exchange (“Beginning Term”). Memberships naturally restore from that point (“Auto Reestablishment”). You reserve the privilege to drop your membership whenever; nonetheless, NO discount will be made for installments previously gathered.

Leader Group   maintains whatever authority is needed to end this arrangement whenever you physically break this Understanding and don’t fix such a break within 30 days of Leader Group   furnishing you with an email notice. Nonetheless, on account of your default (remembering for the occasion when your Mastercard can’t be charged), Leader Group   might suspend your admittance to the Administrations upon any such delinquency and may end this Understanding if such break isn’t helped inside 30 days of notice by Leader Group   to You. Leader Group   may likewise downsize, suspend or end your admittance to the Administrations without responsibility, after furnishing you with 30 days’ notification ahead of time if (a) you neglect to consent to material adjustments of this arrangement certifiably, or (b) you don’t sign in to or in any case utilize the help for a time of 180 days or more if you have a paid record and for a time of 15 days or more if you have a Demo account.

In case of end of any nature, you are mindful of downloading all your information from the stage to avoid loss of information. Explicitly on account of delinquency and inside the 30 days early notification period.

Installment of Expenses and Assessments

Leader Group will, contingent upon your favored method of installment, either charge your Mastercard or issue disconnected solicitations to you as per this Understanding. Disconnected solicitations will be given electronically and shipped off the email address you have revealed upon information exchange (Beginning Term) or the email you have characterized in the Settings/Record part of the Leader Group  gateway (Auto Restoration). You will settle the due sums no later than 15 workdays after accommodation in full to the bank subtleties gave in the individual receipt.

On the off chance that you pursued an assistance level where the utilization of administrations is restricted to a specific number of Dynamic Clients, Leader Group will assess abundance use upon Recharging Date and will, at its sole tact, consequently, update your administration level and incorporate customized charges for overabundance use previously brought about.

Leader Group may, an endless supply of something like 90 days, or a more extended period whenever needed by Material Law, change the cost of Your membership or any part thereof, or establishment new charges or expenses. Value changes and organization of new charges carried out during your yearly membership period will happen for any ensuing yearly membership periods and to all new endorsers after the effective date of the change. On the off chance that You don’t consent to any such value transforms, you should drop your membership and quit utilizing the Administrations preceding the initiation of the restoration membership period for which the value change applies.

All expenses portrayed after joining Your membership are considered to be select of any assessments (VAT and so forth). Any such duties, if material, will be independently perceived as per nearby laws and guidelines.

Specialized Help Administrations

Leader Group  will give You phone and email support (24) hours of the day, seven (7) days of the week, (365) days of the year. Specialized help will incorporate any examination and goal movement performed by Leader Group . A help solicitation can be started by anybody of Your representatives that You have assigned as specialized director (“Approved Client”), and a Leader Group  support staff part will appoint a seriousness level (as characterized thus) to any approaching solicitation likewise.


Seriousness Level 1

This Seriousness Level is related with:

Administrations, all in all, are nonfunctional or are not open; unapproved openness of all or part of Your Information; or misfortune or defilement of all or part of Your Information.

Solicitation Reaction Time: 30 minutes

Solicitation Goal Time: 2 hours

Seriousness Level 2

This Seriousness Level is related with:

Huge and/or progressing interference of a Functioning Client’s utilization of a basic capacity of the Administrations and for which no satisfactory workaround is accessible.

Solicitation Reaction Time: 60 minutes

Solicitation Goal Time: 4 hours

Seriousness Level 3

This Seriousness Level is related with:

Minor and/or restricted interference of a Functioning Client’s utilization of a non-basic capacity of the Administrations; or issues excluded from Issue Seriousness Levels 1 or 2.

Solicitation Reaction Time: 8 hours

Solicitation Goal Time: 24 hours


Seriousness Level 4

This Seriousness Level is related with:

General inquiries regarding the Administrations.

Solicitation Reaction Time: 8 hours

Solicitation Goal Time: 44 hours

Licensed innovation Rights

Leader Group possesses and will hold OK, title, and interest in and to (a) the Administrations, including all licensed innovation rights, and (b) value-based and execution information identified with your utilization of the Administrations. Leader Group might gather, utilize, and uncover all such value-based and execution information for its business purposes (counting programming use advancement and item showcasing) given that such use doesn’t uncover your character, any of your secret data, or any by and by recognizable data that has a place with You or Your representatives.

Adjustments of Administrations or Understanding

The Administrations might be made accessible in free or paid renditions at various levels. Not all elements and usefulness of the Administrations might be accessible in every adaptation or level. Leader Group  saves the right, in its sole carefulness, to alter, add, or eliminate segments and additionally usefulness of the Administrations on an impermanent or long-lasting premise, without risk to You or any outsider.

Portions of this Arrangement might be added, eliminated, or altered whenever. If any progressions are considered material, Leader Group will tell You of any such changes and ask You to consent to such adjusted Understanding positively. Nonetheless, your utilization of the Administrations after alterations to the Understanding becomes compelling, establishes your limiting acknowledgment of such changes.

Suppose you are not happy with the provisions of this arrangement or any changes to this Understanding or the Administrations. In that case, you concur that your only and select cure is to end this arrangement and suspend any help utilization.

Finance Administrations

Leader Group  offers you the chance to computerize your finance creation and Pay Assurance Framework yield documents. This component has been created with Leader Group ‘s best information about the current work law prerequisites and specialized consistency method of banking specialist co-ops. Leader Group doesn’t take any obligations if the finance made by You utilizing Leader Group isn’t right, deficient, or resistant to any laws and guidelines of the Realm of Saudi Arabia. Leader Group can not the slightest bit be considered answerable for any money-related harm that might be brought about by an off-base, inadequate, or rebellious finance to You or any of Your representatives.

Your Obligations


You will give financially sensible data and help to Leader Group  to empower Leader Group to convey the Administrations. Upon demand from Leader Group , you will immediately convey mentioned content to Leader Group in an electronic record design indicated and available by Leader Group .

Consistency with Laws

You will consent to all material Saudi Middle Eastern laws regarding the utilization of Leader Group , including those laws identified with information security, global correspondences, and the transmission of specialized or individual information.

Approved Client Access

You will be exclusively liable for the demonstrations and oversights of Your Approved Clients. Leader Group  will not be responsible for any deficiency of information or usefulness caused straightforwardly or by implication by the Approved Clients.

Your Feedback

You are exclusively liable for gathering, contributing, and refreshing every one of Your Information and for guaranteeing that Your Information doesn’t contain whatever is vulgar, disparaging, irritating, hostile, or malevolent. You will advise Leader Group  promptly of any unapproved utilization of any secret phrase or client id or some other known or associated break with security.

Permit from You

Subject to the agreements of this Arrangement, you will allow Leader Group  a restricted, non-select, and non-adaptable permit to duplicate, store, design, perform, show, and communicate Your Information exclusively as essential to offer the Types of assistance.


Leader Group  will have an eminence-free, around the world, unavoidable, unending permit to utilize and fuse into the Leader Group  programming any ideas, upgrade solicitations, suggestions, or other criticism you give, including Your Clients identifying with the activity of the Administrations.


You hold possession and licensed innovation rights in and to Your Information. Leader Group  has all possession and licensed innovation rights to the Administrations, and anything created and conveyed under the Understanding.



“Classified Data” signifies any data revealed by involved with the other party, straightforwardly or by implication, which, (a) if in composed, realistic, machine-intelligible or other unmistakable structure, is set apart as “private” or “restrictive” (b) whenever uncovered orally or by the show, is recognized at the hour of beginning exposure as secret and is affirmed recorded as a hard copy to the getting party to be “classified” or “exclusive” inside 30 days of such revelation, (c) is explicitly considered to be classified by the details of this Understanding or (d) sensibly has all the earmarks of being classified or exclusive on account of the conditions of divulgence and the idea of the actual data. Secret Data will likewise incorporate data revealed by outsiders to an uncovering party under a commitment of classification. Subject to the presentation of Your Information as examined by this Understanding, Your Information is

Secret Data. Leader Group Programming Administrations and Documentation are considered Secret Data of Leader Group .


During the term of this arrangement and for a very long time from that point (unendingly on account of programming), each party will treat as private all Secret Data of the other party, will not utilize such Classified Data but to practice its privileges and play out its commitments under this Understanding, and will not unveil such Secret Data to any outsider. Without restricting the previous, each party will use a similar level of care essentially. Yet, at the very least, a healthy level of care it uses to forestall the revelation of its private data to forestall the divulgence of Classified Data of the other party. Each party will immediately advise the other party of any real or associated abuse or unapproved exposure with the other party’s Classified Data. Neither one of the gatherings will pick apart, dismantle, or decompile any models, programming, or other substantial items which epitomize the other party’s Secret Data, and which are given to the party hereunder. Each party might uncover Secret Data of the other party on a restricted information diet to its workers for hire who are dependent upon classification arrangements expecting them to keep up with such data in certainty and use it to work with the presentation of their administrations in the interest of the getting party.

Special cases

Private Data bars data that: (a) is known freely at the hour of the revelation or becomes known openly after divulgence through no shortcoming of the getting party, (b) is known to the getting party, without limitation, at the hour of exposure or becomes known to the getting party, without limitation, from a source other than the unveiling party not limited by secrecy commitments to the uncovering party, or (c) is autonomously evolved by the getting party without the utilization of the Secret Data as exhibited by the set up accounts of the getting party. The getting party might unveil Secret Data of the other party to the degree such divulgence is legally necessary or request of a court or other legislative position, given that the getting party will utilize reasonable endeavors to instantly tell the other party preceding such revelation to empower the revealing party to look for a defensive request or in any case forestall or limit such exposure.


Reimbursement by Leader Group

On the off chance that an outsider makes a case against You that the Product Administrations encroach any patent, copyright or brand name, or misuse any proprietary advantage, or that Leader Group’s carelessness or determined offense has caused injury or passing materially, Leader Group will shield You and your chiefs, officials and workers against the case to Leader Group ‘s detriment and Leader Group  will pay all misfortunes, harms, and costs (counting sensible lawyers’ expenses) at long last granted against such gatherings or consented to in a composed settlement arrangement endorsed by Leader Group , to the degree emerging from the case. Leader Group will have no obligation for any case dependent on (a) Your Information, (b) change of the Product Administrations not approved by Leader Group , or (c) utilization of the Product Administrations other than as per the Documentation and this Understanding.

Reimbursement by You

On the off chance that an outsider makes a case against Leader Group  that Your Information encroaches any patent, copyright, or brand name, or abuses any proprietary advantage, You will safeguard Leader Group  and its chiefs, officials, and workers against the case to Your detriment and You will pay all misfortunes, harms, and costs (counting sensible lawyers’ expenses) at long last granted against such gatherings or consented to in a composed settlement arrangement endorsed by You, to the degree emerging from the case.


Conditions for Reimbursement

A party looking for reimbursement under this segment will (a) expeditiously advise the other party of the case, (b) give the other party sole control of the safeguard and settlement of the case, and (c) give, at the other party’s cost for cash-based costs, the help, data, and authority sensibly mentioned by the other party in the protection and repayment of the case.


leader group warrants that the product administrations will act in all material regards as per the documentation. Leader Group  doesn’t ensure that the product administrations will be performed mistakes free or continuous, or that leader group  will address all product administrations blunders. client recognizes that leader group doesn’t control the exchange of information over interchanges offices, including the web, and that the product administrations might be dependent upon limits, postponements, and different issues innate in the utilization of such correspondences offices. this part presents the sole and selective guarantee given by Leader Group  (communicated or inferred) as for the topic of this arrangement. neither Leader Group  nor any of its licensors or different providers warrant nor assurance that the activity of the membership administration will be continuous, infection free or mistake free, nor will leader group  or any of its specialist co-ops be at-risk for unapproved adjustment, robbery or annihilation of your or any user’s information, documents, or projects.

Limits of Risk

Neither one of the gatherings Will BE At-risk FOR Circuitous, Coincidental, Extraordinary OR Significant Harms, Including, Without Restriction, Harms FOR LOST BUSINESS, Benefits, Information OR Utilization OF ANY Assistance, brought about BY One  of the other PARTY OR ANY Outsider Regarding This Understanding, paying little heed to THE Idea OF THE Case (Counting Carelessness), Regardless of whether Predictable OR THE OTHER PARTY HAS BEEN Educated Concerning THE Chance OF SUCH Harms. Nor PARTY’S Total Responsibility FOR Harms UNDER THIS Arrangement, paying little heed to THE Idea OF THE Case (Counting Carelessness), Will Surpass THE Charges PAID OR PAYABLE BY YOU UNDER THIS Understanding DURING THE A year Going before THE DATE THE Case Emerged.

General Arrangements

Whole Understanding

This Understanding contains the whole arrangement of the gatherings and overrides all pastoral and composing correspondences by the gatherings concerning the topic of this arrangement.


Neither one of the gatherings might appoint this arrangement or any right under this Understanding, without the assent of the other party, which assent will not be irrationally retained or postponed; given in any case, that either party might dole out this Consent to an acquirer of all or considerably the entirety of the matter of such party to which this arrangement relates, regardless of whether by consolidation, resource deal or something else. This arrangement will be restricted upon and acclimate to the advantage of the gatherings’ replacements and allowed relegates. Either party might utilize subcontractors in playing out its obligations under this arrangement, given, notwithstanding, that such party will not be assuaged of any commitment under this Understanding.

Takes note

Besides, as in any case allowed in this arrangement, sees under this Understanding will be sent in electronic structure using email and will be considered to have been given five workdays after accommodation to the accompanying email addresses.


Leader Group  might incorporate Your name and logo in its client records and on its site. After marking, Leader Group  might give a significant level public statement reporting the relationship and how You will utilize the Leader Group  arrangement. Leader Group  will facilitate its endeavors with the suitable interchanges workforce in Your association to get the endorsement of the official statement if fundamental.

Administering Law; Setting

This Understanding will be represented by the laws of the Realm of Saudi Arabia.


Suppose any term of this arrangement is held to be invalid or unenforceable. In that case, that term will be improved to accomplish as close to as conceivable a similar impact as the first term, and the rest of this Understanding will stay in full power.

Measurable Data

Leader Group  may namelessly order factual data identified with the presentation of the Administrations for reasons for working on the help, given that such data doesn’t distinguish Your Information or incorporate Your name.

No Waiver

No waiver will be viable except if it is recorded as a hard copy and endorsed by the postponing party. The waiver by one or the other party of any break of this Understanding will not establish a waiver of some other or resulting break.

Power Majeure

Each party will be pardoned from execution for any period during which, and to the degree that, such party or any subcontractor is kept from playing out any commitment or Administration, in entire or partially, because of causes past its sensible control, and without its shortcoming or carelessness, including without restriction, demonstrations of Allah, strikes, lockouts, riots, demonstrations of psychological oppression or war, scourges, correspondence line disappointments, and force disappointments.

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