Application Architecture

Leader Groups’ Application architecture framework focus on supporting our client’s business requirements by allowing efficient management of the organization’s entities. Our application architecture defines the applications needed for data management and business support and what application services are required to ensure that, processes and entities are supported in an acceptable time, format, and cost.

Application Architecture Services

Leader Groups’ Application Architecture framework focuses on supporting our client’s business requirements by efficiently managing the organization’s entities. The principles and procedures used to design and create an application are referred to as application architecture. When developing an app, the architecture provides a roadmap and best practices to establish a well-structured app. At Leaders, we take steps by considering the industry standards and latest technologies to deliver you the best.

There are many different application architectures, but the most common now include monoliths and N-tier architectures, Microservice Architectures, event-driven architectures. Microservices are both software architecture and a way of writing it. Microservices break down apps into their most minor components and make them independent. And the purpose of microservices architecture is to produce high-quality software more quickly.

Benefits of Leader Group Application Architecture:

  • Reduces costs by finding redundancies, such as using two separate databases that can be replaced with a single database.
  • Improves efficiency by discovering gaps, such as when one of the applications cannot communicate with another or when mobile users cannot access critical services.
  • Makes an enterprise platform available to third-party developers and appealing to them;
  • Produces modular, interoperable systems that are simpler to use and manage;
  • Aids the architect in visualizing the broader picture and mapping it to the organization’s goals.

In today’s digital economy, adopting modern Microservice Architecture is vital to corporate success and a substantial profit growth driver. As a result, our architecture defines the applications needed for data management and business support. It also considers the services required to ensure the processes and entities support adequate time, format, and cost. Thus, our application architecture defines the applications necessary to enable the business architecture.

Other Enterprise Architecture Services We provide:

Our Microservice Architecture includes identifying how the applications interact with other business integration elements and how the application and data are distributed throughout the organization. It also contains descriptions of automated services that support the business processes and the interaction and interdependencies between the organization’s application systems. Moreover, it also considers plans for developing new applications and revising old applications based on its objectives.

As a strategy, process, and technology expert, we work with you to provide seamless application architecture services. Leader Group’s Application Architecture can help you identify a microservices-based solution that matches your organization using open-source, open standards and our years of experience.

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