Network Operations Center (NOC)

Network Operations Centers (NOCs) monitors tens of thousands of network elements 24x7, Leader Groups’ high-level NOC management expertise supports its computer network and telecom infrastructure, detects and resolves IT infrastructure incidents, and ultimately ensures the availability of uninterrupted service for our clients and their customers driven by best practices.

NOC Services

Not to mention, Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors tens of thousands of network elements 24×7. Leader Group‘s high-level NOC management expertise supports its computer network and telecom infrastructure, detects and resolves IT infrastructure incidents. Moreover, it ensures uninterrupted service for our clients and their customers driven by best practices.

Support Framework

As a global Network Operations Center services leader, the Leader Group was an early adopter of the ITIL framework. Initially,

ITIL is a collection of best practices that allows Leaders to deliver customized support services while maintaining operational efficiency. Leader’s structured NOC Support Framework provides a common language that improves NOC communications internally and with clients, customers, and third parties.

NOC Engineers

Our technicians are responsible for monitoring infrastructure health, security, and capacity in a clients’ environment. In addition, they ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity.

NOC Platform

Also, Our NOC is highly integrated. Thus, it runs on a single platform— a streamlined operational workflow for efficient troubleshooting.

Network Operations Center (NOC) Operations Platform components:

1) NOC Console:

Our NOC can receive, acknowledge, and handle events – alarms, calls, emails, and so on — inside the SLA timeframes using an event monitoring and management console.

 2) Trouble Ticket System:

Comprehensive ticket management features –

Leader Group provides one-way or bidirectional integration with each client’s troubled ticket system.

 3) Network Management System (NMS):

Leader Group’s NMS includes support for optical, wireless, and enterprise technologies. We also receive event data from your own NMS via email, northbound SNMP, or API.

 4) Element Management Systems (EMSs):

Leader Group’s NMS receives event data from clients’ EMSs via email, northbound SNMP, or API. We also host and manage your EMS environment optionally.

 5) NOC Knowledge Base:

Client support processes and procedures, workflows, and documentation are stored and updated in this system.

 6) Circuit Database:

On-net and off-net circuit information, hierarchical linkages, associated equipment, and port information are stored in this application.

 7) Client Customer Portal:

Executive summaries and extensive information on NOC support activity, real-time network condition, and performance are provided in the form of dashboards. In addition, the portal offers standard and custom reports based on an event, incident, and performance data.

 8) Client-Specific Tools and Integration:

Furthermore, Leader Group provides integration support to help the Network Operations Center takes advantage of your monitoring and management toolsets, applications, and systems.

NOC Service Level Agreement:

With Leader Group’s NOC solutions, you decide on the level of service, and we respond accordingly. Choose the service-level agreement (SLA) that best fits your needs and budget.

Moreover, Leader Group offers Standard, Priority, and Custom SLAs. SLAs define, for example, response times for monitoring alerts and emails, average and maximum hold times for calls, notification, and escalation times, and Tier 1 troubleshooting windows. While our Standard SLAs typically exceed our clients’ own SLAs with their customers, we also offer Priority and

Custom SLAs for extremely demanding client support environments.

Other IT Services We Offer:

We Shall Be Your Point Of Contact, Day or Night:

  • 24/7 Service Desk – Our 24×7 NOC Service

The desk is the single point of contact for clients and their customers.

  • Leader Group devotes a significant amount of time and money to train our employees. As a result, their level of knowledge and response is unrivaled. Job satisfaction is excellent, and turnover at our NOC is minimal as a result. Often, our people move up within the company, bringing their expertise to challenging new roles.

Consequently, this level of quality gives our clients confidence that their infrastructure is in good hands.

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