18 Oct 2021

Digitization In The Healthcare: Connecting The Unconnected

“Digitization in healthcare is not only about embedding the digital tools, but also about making the most of these connected tools by leveraging upon artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and IoT technologies and providing...

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13 Oct 2021

Making Sustainability More Sustainable: Learnings from The Pandemic

“Sustainability is not just an organizational business practice but an all-new strategy for organizations to flourish in the long run by embedding digital tools with sustainable environmental goals.”     Businesses faced disruption, organizations transformed,...

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Corporate Governance
11 Oct 2021

Governing The Corporate Governance Among Businesses During COVID Era

“Corporate Governance has now become a more crucial element than ever where proactive engagement of stakeholders is the way ahead for successful implementation of business practices.” The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned...

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Risk Management
06 Oct 2021

Risk Management Getting Riskier: Bounce Back Plan For Financial Institutions

“Risk management in financial institutions and banks is not only about mitigating the existing risks and combatting the upcoming potential risks; instead, it is about reshaping the entire risk environment by instilling confidence among...

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Digital Disruption
04 Oct 2021

Acknowledging The Disruption: Adapting To The Disruptive Digital Technologies

“Making the most of the digital disruption is not about exploring the disruptive technologies; instead, it is about acknowledging those disruptive technologies by leveraging on the potential they possess.” Digital disruption is all around....

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