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03 Sep 2121

Smart Cities Are Getting Smarter: How IoT Is Revolutionizing The Smart Cities

 “The Future of Smart Cities is not only about inculcating the IoT solutions and technology but also the Smart implementation of these IoT solutions to enhance the infrastructure, improve the environment, and promote sustainable...

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Leader Group's IoT Enabling Smart City Management
18 Aug 2121

Leader Group’s IoT Enabling Smart City Management

The intervention of IoT has the power to transform ordinary cities into smart cities. In smart cities, the group of technologies including smart sensors, data, and connectivity combines to create digital environments, enhancing smart...

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Smart Technology | Smart Digital Workplace
03 Aug 2121

People-Centered & Smart Digital Workplaces In COVID Times

The world itself is going through a tough time due to the impact of the pandemic. It has shaken the whole human race. During this unprecedented time, companies have done a solid job of...

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15 Mar 2121

Reasons Why Digital Transformation Is About People

Top Reasons Why Digital Transformation Is About People, Not Technology Embracing digital transformation was increasingly becoming a corporate imperative, but the impact of COVID-19 has bought this as the need of the hour and...

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10 Mar 2121

Business Process Outsourcing Driving Agility

What is Business Process Outsourcing? Business Process Outsourcing is the practice of contracting specific work processes to third-party vendors. The services can include social media marketing, payroll, telemarketing, accounting, data recording, customer support, and...

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