Cybersecurity and infrastructure security
25 Apr 2121

Secure network infrastructure with Cyber Security

Network Infrastructure Security is the process of protecting the underlying IT infrastructure by installing preventive measures to deny cyber theft, data breaching, unauthorized access, and data deletion. These security measures include access control, wireless...

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15 Mar 2121

Reasons Why Digital Transformation Is About People

Embracing digital transformation was increasingly becoming a corporate imperative, but the impact of COVID-19 has bought this as the need of the hour and accelerated the entire process. Unexpected remote work, financial constraints, social...

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10 Mar 2121

Business Process Outsourcing Driving Agility

Business Process Outsourcing is the practice of contracting specific work processes to third-party vendors. The services can include social media marketing, payroll, telemarketing, accounting, data recording, customer support, and more.   What is BPO?...

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29 Dec 2020

The Smart Cities Of The Future

The present scenario is witnessing the advent of interactive technology in shaping smart city infrastructure. A smart city is one that leverages technology to enhance and improve the quality of services and provide a...

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29 Dec 2020

The Importance of the Security Operations Center (SOC)

A streamlined security operations center (SOC) stands as the core of an efficient cybersecurity program. In this age of rapidly evolving technology, every business must take crucial steps to protect sensitive information about their...

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