15 Mar 2021

Reasons Why Digital Transformation Is About People

Embracing digital transformation was increasingly becoming a corporate imperative, but the impact of COVID-19 has bought this as the need of the hour and accelerated the entire process.

Unexpected remote work, financial constraints, social distancing, and many other factors in this unprecedented time have forced firms to lean heavily to digital technologies.

Despite these technological advances, many companies often lag to make use of new digital transformation fruitfully. One of the fundamental reasons for this is the tendency to put technology at the heart of digital transformation strategy, but in reality, it should follow the other formula; the key to successful digital transformation is people, not technology.

Here are the reasons why a successful digital transformation is human-centric and not technology:

It requires a mindset shift

Although you have integrated and upgraded your firm using the latest technology, it will use only if the employees are willing to utilize it the right way, or else, the things would be in vain.

They need to adapt and move along with the digital transformation strategy. A digital mindset is essential in the ways they can have success. The goal is achieved only if they embrace digital transformation, which can benefit them in their long run.

Here are some tips that management can apply to your employees to make them appeal to digital transformation:

  • 1)  The need for digital transformation should convey clearly to your employees; it should inform and inspire them the need for digital transformation.
  • 2) Identify champions among the group and see how they can lead others to embrace digital transformation.
  • 3) Put forward learning sessions that can motivate your employees by showing them how digital transformation would positively affect them.

It requires behavior change

For a digital transformation to be accountable, employees must change their approach. The willingness to welcome and utilize digital tools stands at the core. They should be trained adequately to have the skills and knowledge to use these technologies.

Unless your employees are exposed to digital skills, the digital transformation would not positively impact your firm.

To achieve a successful digital transformation, employees should give learning opportunities to help them develop their work field to use digital tools.

It requires leader support

For a digital transformation to be successful, there should be a supportive leader. One who can lead the team by giving all support and knowledge.
Though digital is all about technology and automation, transformation should happen in the people. If people transform into their digital approach, it can contribute to the so-called ‘digital transformation.’

It is essential to understand that change should happen in the people. They should be able to embrace technology to reap promising achievements.

Leaders can drive digital transformation throughout the workforce by:

  • 1) Supporting and inspiring employees to learn new skills
  • 2) Creating an open space for two-way communication in which your employees feel free to approach you and when you could feed them satisfied
  • 3) Recognizing employees who add new digital tools to their existing process and examining how comfortable are they

Change starts within

Leaders must put their people at the digital transformation strategy’s center to win in this new paradigm. You should provide spaces for everyone to collaborate and communicate their idea of change and where and how you should put these changes forth.

Wonders can happen if everyone gets a chance to open their hearts when it comes to organizational change management.

Moreover, the leaders who stand in the frontline should delve deeper into the scopes and skills to impart digital transformation knowledge to the folks in a meaningful way.

When employees understand the core reason for asking them to learn the new skills, how it can benefit their career through this endeavor is the best way to achieve digital transformation without any pitfalls.

 Final Thoughts

There is no argument that digital transformation involves the addition of new technology, but people are the ones who drive it to the roads of success. Technology is just an enabler; people are the force who must inculcate digital thinking, digital tools, and digital processes together.

When you focus on integrating a digital workforce with proper training, knowledge, and leader support to your people, digital transformation can develop a digital mindset in your people, making digital transformation a reality. You can now get Management Consultation services

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