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Big Data | Capitalising the Data
25 Oct 2121

Making The Big Data Even Bigger: Capitalising On The Data

“Big Data is not only about identifying and accessing the data to make business decisions, but is also a very way to leverage on the power of  data capitalising; and derive insightful decisions that...

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Decision Making | Data | Leader Group
10 Sep 2121

Decision Making At Organizations Essential Steps to Making Better Data-Driven Decisions

“Due to the uncertainties COVID-19 pandemic has presented, making business decisions entirely based on the instincts is not profitable anymore to remain competitive in the market rather the focus is shifting towards data-driven decision...

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Big Data Analytics | Data Analytics | Leader Group
27 Aug 2121

Big Data Analytics: The Next Big Backbone to Decision Making In IT & Consulting

“One of the major concerns that organizations face these days is not the Implementation of Big Data Analytics but deriving meaningful insights from Managing and Implementing that Data to reach a Decision Making.” Data...

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Big Data Governance
11 Aug 2121

Big Data Governance: A Top Priority For Organizations

The most significant factor that obstructs every organization worldwide from realizing the optimum potential of their data assets is the uncontrolled and widespread data disorder. In the ever-transforming, ever-growing competitive business world, companies have...

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Big Data and analytics
29 Jul 2121

3 Reasons To Implement Big Data Analytics

In today’s business and technological world, the importance of ‘data’ is indispensable. ‘Big data’ refers to the large chunk of raw data gathered, stored, and analyzed by organizations to derive strategic decisions. Moreover, the...

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