18 Oct 2121

Digitization In The Healthcare: Connecting The Unconnected

“Digitization in healthcare is not only about embedding the digital tools, but also about making the most of these connected tools by leveraging upon artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and IoT technologies and providing...

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Digital Disruption
04 Oct 2121

Acknowledging The Disruption: Adapting To The Disruptive Digital Technologies

“Making the most of the digital disruption is not about exploring the disruptive technologies; instead, it is about acknowledging those disruptive technologies by leveraging on the potential they possess.” Digital disruption is all around....

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29 Sep 2121

Unveiling Digitalization: Reengineering the Value Chain of the Manufacturing Industry

“Digitalization of business practices in the manufacturing industry is not about one single solution; rather, it is the digitization of the entire value chain of the manufacturing process that fetches desirable results in the...

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