29 Dec 2020

The Importance of the Security Operations Center (SOC)

A streamlined security operations center (SOC) stands as the core of an efficient cybersecurity program. In this age of rapidly evolving technology, every business must take crucial steps to protect sensitive information about their employees, clients, partners, internal operations, and more.

However, along with technological innovations, cybercriminals use sophisticated and hacking software that makes the game challenging. So every company should go for an organized Security Operations Center, without any compromise.

Every firm should take action right away at the moment of a cybersecurity incident, or else the potential damage that can cause is unpredictable. Security Operations Centers (SOC) should address these threats at the earliest and provide round the clock monitoring for cybersecurity.


What is SOC?

A security operations center, or SOC, refers to a dedicated platform and a team of experts to detect, prevent, assess, and respond to cybersecurity threats and practices. The high-quality IT security team adopts adequate measures to monitor and respond to any incidents on the computers, network, and servers it oversees, and they rectify them appropriately.

What makes SOC unique is the potential to monitor all systems without fail, taking prime actions to resolve it, thus avoiding an unfortunate incident for your business.


SOC Business

Importance of Security Operations Center (SOC) for your business

The increasing number of cybercrimes has forced the industries to adopt powerful and advanced actions against these thefts, and here comes the prominence of SOCs.

To prevent these sophisticated cyber threats, firms move towards advanced cybersecurity solutions merged with traditional defense methods.

The presence of a skilled SOC analyst is the need of the hour because he/she is the one who can serve as the front-line defender, redirecting other professionals about existing and emerging cyber threats. They ensure proper security and prevent threats for the company by identifying and defending against cyberattacks by gathering all data in a central location, storing it using the latest technologies, and monitoring security alerts on anomalies found.

Thus Security Operation center is vital for every industry like the public sector, education system, healthcare, BFSI, and retail sectors and the team of trained security analyst have become an essential of every organization.


Need for a Security Operations Center (SOC)

As cyber hackers are using advanced hacking tools, security has become an even more tedious task. Full personnel SOC can guard your data from cyber breaching. Cybercriminals are active every time, and attacks can happen at any time, so SOC should work 24/7, without any fail.

At present, compliance packages are purposefully making log monitoring mandatory. The absence of SOC would make it hard to predict whether you are under threat or worse than that. If you get breached in such a situation, it would be impossible for you to find the root cause. So maintaining properly archived logs will serve as a source for digital forensic examination.


Benefits of security operations center

Advantages of Security Operations Center (SOC)

Without SOC services, cyber-attacks can remain hidden as long as companies do not have measures to detect and respond to these threats.

SOC will allow companies to have a clear vision in their environment to have technologies and skills for continuous improvement.

The rising number of cyber thefts has forced the companies to switch to a healthy and advanced security system for detection and prevention.


Benefits of having a Security Operations Center (SOC)

When a suspicious event is detected, the SOC team put all their heads to investigate and react appropriately by following advanced procedures to minimize the impact and severity.


Let us know the benefits of implementing a Security Operations Center (SOC):

  • 1) Asset centralization

With the help of SOC services, it will be easy to monitor your firms’ digital infrastructure. Real-time centralized monitoring can help you to detect possible threats and track them efficiently. By this, you can stay focused with all data in a centralized space.

  • 2) Establishes trust

Sensitive data of your company should not fall into the wrong space at any cost because it is a matter of your credibility. When employee and customer data is safe, their trust in you increases. Implementing a Security Operations Center helps you take proactive steps to prevent data theft, which will benefit your firm in the long run.

  • 3) Enhanced collaboration

A highly efficient trained team of SOC is working towards a common objective- data protection. All departments in your firm are securely protected by SOC, against data thefts. They ensure collaboration with other departments by enhancing the communication and coordination of all departments without any fail.

  • 4) Higher awareness

SOC systems can help to maximize awareness by minimizing the possibility of data loss. The massive sensitive data can be stored in a protected environment. SOC system may result in a higher ROI while ensuring data security.

  • 5) Continuous monitoring

Cyber attackers will never take a break. You can always expect the unexpected from them. So ensure that your dedicated SOC system will never take a break.

Cybercriminals may attack during off-hours, during weekends, so firms should organize multiple shifts for their security team to ensure that SOC analysts are available round the clock to guard sensitive data.

Final thoughts

All companies need to protect their sensitive data, so having a SOC system is a must. Malicious cyber-attacks can happen anytime, anywhere, and your security operations center should stay ahead of the cyber attackers.

Integrate the latest technologies to protect the data from evil hands. It can be highly risky and expensive to lose your data due to cyber theft but, if you have a SOC system ready, it will proactively identify suspicious situations and ensure optimum safety.

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