Addressing Customers' Grievances Effectively: BPO in the New Normal
13 Dec 2022

Addressing Customers’ Grievances Effectively: BPO in the New Normal

“Addressing customers’ grievances is not just about tackling customers’ queries, requests, or issues, but also about promoting an all-new digital BPO in the new normal.”

In industry 4.0, the post-COVID era, digitized business practices have become the new normal, with companies across the sectors driving business functions and leveraging its benefits across their business processes.

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing refers to handing the business functions to a third-party organization that puts forth the expertise that an organization may need to excel at the existing business processes.

With the emergence of the pandemic, the industry faced workplace disruption, cybersecurity threats, compliance failure, and client management obstacles that not only led to substantial changes to organizations’ structure but also an unprecedented change in the business s plans of the organizations.

It has pushed the organizations to re-align their BCPs (Business Continuity plans) to remain competitive in their survival for the short run and thrive in the long run.

BPO’s Contact Centre is meant explicitly for resolving customers’ queries, issues, and requests, with an instant availability 24*7, ensuring an effective streamlining of business processes that not only allows companies to unleash the benefits they offer but also retain a maximum number of clients by effortlessly responding to their needs.

The changing times such as the aftermath of the pandemic, demand a new BCP that considers remote working an essential tool to ensure more effortless movement of systems without disrupting the day-to-day business processes.
Some of the recent measures taken by the BPOs in the new normal include the following.

1.Cloud for Data Recovery

A massive percentage of BPOs encompasses an in-house IT team that manages data storage, recovery, and safety and promotes its copy to be stored on the cloud, too, for storing data in huge chunks.

What lies ahead is the amalgamation of corporations and employees to continue to work from home and utilize the data remotely with cloud-supporting remote access and recovery, while IT teams are making it easier to store it back in case of cyber-attacks.

2.New paradigm for new compliance

With the surge in digital transformation, the entire spectrum of digital tools and technologies has changed.

The rules and regulations, government compliance, frameworks, and clearances have changed significantly, that have not only pushed the companies to an all-new level of scrutiny, security, and risk-free factors that only improves the IT infrastructure of organizations but also promotes a wide range of compliance requirements, enabling clearances for smooth business functioning.

3.Structured Governance Regulations

Organizations with a comprehensive set of rules and regulations tend to succeed more than those with a well-defined systematic approach to regulations for business processes.

Research suggests that out of every ten organizations, at least 6 have achieved massive growth in terms of both business returns and investment returns.

Moreover, with digital tools and technologies, organizations are leveraging digital devices and technologies to redefine their business objectives and deliver hassle-free, objectively driven business processes that not only let companies achieve growth but also deliver a digital customer experience across business functions.

With digitally enabled BPO solutions, organizations achieve hassle-free mitigation of business processes, allowing companies to reap the benefits of a digital BPO, thereby retaining more customers.


Digital BPO has now become a reality.

With Inbound, Outbound, and Blended BPO solutions, organizations need not invest in having their own BPO centers; instead, adopting remote digital BPO solutions is implemented with unparalleled benefits that benefit both the companies and their clients on the whole.

Digital BPPO sets an industry benchmark by enabling companies to deliver a streamlined process to address customers’ grievances effectively.

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