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01 Jun 2022

Automating Business Processes With Leader Group’s DevOps Services

“DevOps not only bridges the gap between Development and Operations processes but also enhances business performance by streamlining the IT and IT-related activities.”

Businesses across the sectors vary with each other. The business activities are different.

How business functions, and how businesses cater to clients, generate revenue, and earn profits differ massively.

Enhanced business performance, lesser turnaround time, and increased profits remain critical elements businesses undertake to leverage business activities and fulfill business scope and objectives.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged, businesses are no longer performing in the earlier way.

BCPs (Business continuity plans) are changing, undertaking the new digitized guidelines, and performing the innovative tools and technologies more than ever.

These are some of the crucial steps businesses are taking to remain competitive in their businesses.

Writing the IT codes, developing the software, and running them to achieve clients’ objectives, IT and ITes organizations deal with many business functions and activities at any given point in time.

Hence, it becomes imperative for businesses to bridge the gap between development and operations processes to enhance the IT and ITes related business activities and cut costs and increase productivity.

According to recent research, It and ITes costs, the global IT spending reached USD 4.2 trillion in 2021.

This massive expenditure hinted at the mismanagement and elevated IT costs by bringing IT development and operations processes.

Furthermore, organizations focus on implementing new digital tools and technologies to enable improved business practices across their IT business practices.

Also, the rise in digitization, and digitized business practices, makes it necessary for businesses to have digitized business practices.

A survey from Statista suggests that costs of hardware projects account for 33% of the IT budgets.


Benefits Of A Collaborative DevOps Processes:


Increased Efficiency:

Every business needs an efficient working environment to achieve its desired goals and objectives.

The development of software is a process that comprises several sub-processes.

Writing a code, and testing it with software and the overall software development process takes time, accuracy, and precision.

Minor differences hamper the overall software development process.

Hence, a collaborative approach to inculcating both software development and operations processes enhances the process, reducing errors.


Less Turnaround Time:

Clients love services with less turnaround time and remain loyal to a particular service provider.

Collaborative development and operations processes reduce the time taken in the overall development cycle of software.

This results in less turnaround time, thus delighting their customers and retaining them.


Reduced Costs:

When the steps in software development reduce, the costs incurred during the entire software development process also get reduced.

The collaborative approach of bringing development and operations together reduces the costs and increases the overall productivity across the software development value chain.

Moreover, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are shifting to measures to save costs and increase efficiency.

Leader Group’s DevOps service automates and integrates the processes between software development and operations teams that enable businesses to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably, thereby shortening their release cycle.

Its one-of-its-kind approach helps customers unite development and operations using advanced DevOps technologies that allow businesses to cut the development time, get faster feature delivery, and enjoy the stability of operating environments.


Leader Group’s Dev Ops approach leverages the below crucial elements:



Large-scale, project-based applications and the development of projects are in demand these days.

Leader Group’s proactive approach ensures seamless software development, addressing the rising demands from the clients.

Software development and testing and delivery to the clients, Leader Group serves its clients in alignment with the latest tools and technologies.


Building and Testing:

Building and testing are critical steps in the software development process.

An inactive building and compromised testing result in a code crashing at the delivery stage.

However, Leader takes essential steps to combat such scenario even before it arises.

Leader Group’s DevOps ensures software’s effective building and testing, bringing the development and operations processes together.



Project deployment plays a critical role in attaining project efficiency and retaining clients.

A successful deployment of the project retains clients in the longer run.

Abreast of this fact entirely, Leader Group focuses on the smooth deployment of projects by reducing the time taken during the overall value chain of the software development process.


Operate and Monitor:

Operating and Monitoring are very critical after the project deployment.

Organizations tend to get complacent after delivering the projects to their clients.

This approach results in companies losing their clients.

Understanding the significance of operating and Monitoring, Leader Group’s DevOps leaves no stone unturned in post-project activities after the project deployment.

These activities include project customization, grievance redressal, and query resolution.

Furthermore, Leader Group’s DevOps help clients solve the issues of resource optimization, reassigning the load, and adjusting the scale.

In addition to this, it also helps with project creation, remote configuration, and security recommendations, among others.



Every organization believes in effective project commissioning and deployment; that’s what ensures better business and an enhanced business environment.

Cutting down the time between the development and operational time leads to scalable businesses with higher productivity.

Leader Group’s DevOps strategy and implementation significantly improve the efficiency of the entire end-to-end project with its essential software quality and standards.

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