Cybersecurity and the New Normal: Navigating through the pandemic challenges
03 Jan 2023

Cybersecurity and the New Normal: Navigating through the pandemic challenges

“Cybersecurity in the new normal is not only about protecting organizations’ IT infrastructure, but also about creating a secured cyber-threat free environment that allows organizations navigating through the pandemic challenges.”

Cybersecurity in the new normal has changed its course significantly. It has been an integral part of organizations across the sectors for a long. Still, since the pandemic’s emergence, it has become more significant.

The rise in digitized business practices has come to the forefront of business processes, but with that, what becomes more important is the implementation of cybersecurity measures.

This has been reported in much research that the rise in digitized business practices has led to a surge in cyber-attack instances, which has not only propelled the rising concern for mitigating cyber-crime but has also led to promoting cybersecurity solutions across the sectors.

However, the implementation of cybersecurity solutions has not been that conveniently done owing to factors such as lack of investors’ confidence, uncertainty about the returns on investments, and lack of clarity on the benefits from cybersecurity has hurled the growth of cybersecurity solutions to a certain extent.

However, this notion is changing as many organizations have reported the growth in adopting cybersecurity solutions in large and medium size organizations.

Another research suggests that at least 45% of organizations that switched to cybersecurity solutions witnessed more growth than those that did not invest in cybersecurity solutions.

Such figures are evident in the slowly changing mindset toward adopting cybersecurity solutions.

The challenges thrown by the pandemic have resulted in digitization, which came as an opportunity to leverage an all-new world of digitization.

While it is also necessary to leverage digitization and drive business processes effectively, it also becomes imperative that rising digitization has shown increasing instances of cyber-attacks.

The sole reason for increased cyber threats is hackers’ easy access to organizations’ IT infrastructure. Be it in the form of spam emails or phishing mode emails, nothing is denying that the rising digitization has surged the instances of rising cyber-attacks as well.

However, companies are investing massively in cybersecurity solutions, which is preparing them to drive digitization in more digitally driven ways, ensuring hassle-free, efficient, and effective cybersecurity measures, leading to the smooth functioning of the organizations.

The below-mentioned challenges tell a lot about the rising instances of cybersecurity.

1.Easy access to IT infrastructure

The rise in digitization has resulted in the rising use of cloud-based solutions.

Cloud infrastructure lacking proper cybersecurity solutions becomes prone to cyber-attacks, resulting in organizations’ IT infrastructure being compromised and leading to losses.

2.Data Leakage and data theft

There have been instances of organizations facing massive losses owing to a surge in data leakage and theft cases.

Organizations that do not invest in cybersecurity solutions get easily accessible to cyber-attacks, leading to increased cyber threat risks.

3.Reduced Efficiency and Productivity

Organizations drive profitability and increased revenue generation based on their efficiency and productivity. As cyber threats increase, organizations’ chances of remaining efficient and productive hampers.

Hence, the significance of implementing cybersecurity solutions becomes essential for companies, not only to drive profits but also to reduce the risks of cyber threats.


Companies leverage cybersecurity solutions to remain resilient to cyber-attacks. However, organizations should be keener to invest in cybersecurity solutions than they are owing to uncertainty about the returns on investment.

However, the increased cases of cyber threats have made organizations shift to more secure and proactive cybersecurity measures, which not only protect the organizations against cyber threats but also ensure a profitable, efficient, and productive working environment in the present era the upcoming days as well.

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