Smart City Solutions
13 May 2022

Delivering a hassle-free enriched living experience with Leader Group’s Smart City Solutions

“Smart City or Smart cities are not only the cities that are connected and optimized through technology but are also solutions for reducing the alarming environmental and socio-economic repercussions due to urbanization.”

Smart cities are a concept that came as a niche concept couple of decades ago.

Investments in smart cities are comparatively low to what it has been today; it outnumbers the global figures of money that are put into smart city projects, making the share of budgetary allocation of smart cities larger than ever.

Economies across the globe have observed the rise in the share of smart cities’ budgets; which has propelled investments in smart city projects.


Smart City – Living Experience:

The government across the geographies is taking initiatives and making strategies to increase the investments in the smart city projects enabling the citizens to leverage the technology and enjoy a rich living experience.

There have been debates across the countries regarding the need for smart cities.

At one point, urbanization exists as a threat to the planet, with depletion of resources; hampering the ozone layer, and the temperature of the planet earth rising each year; resulting in hazardous impacts of climate change.

It is practical to consider sustainable and smart cities as a solution to the climate change problem as a huge investment opportunity to improve the environmental commitment.

It has enabled the organizations to focus on fulfilling the SDGs (sustainable development goals) defined by the United Nations; especially SDG 11, which creates sustainable cities and communities.​​​

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities; which will reach almost 70% of the people living in cities by 2050; which adds to 60-80% of the GHG emissions globally.

Rapid urbanization has resulted in many social and environmental issues such as social inequality, traffic congestion; water contamination, and other health-related problems.

Moreover, the smart city concept has always supported the efficient and sustainable growth model for all. Be it industry stalwarts, government bodies, and the community; smart cities address the very concept of a safe, efficient, and enriching living experience for the citizens.

With cities continuing to consume over 75% of the world’s energy production and generating 80% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; many cities have opted to strategically recycle and also digitally transform themselves to curb some of the most significant global challenges; such as population growth, pollution, scarcity of resources, water management and energy efficiency among others.


Elements of Smart Cities:

The smart city is a revolutionary concept that changes the dynamics of cities and urban life and sets a benchmark in the industry; making the corporates, government, and the community work in tandem for a sustainable future.

These elements, when combined, lead to a smart city that promotes growth, resilience, efficiency, and sustainability among the citizens.

While ICT creates a network of rapidly growing computing devices with built-in sensors and software to connect and share data; enabling billions of devices and objects equipped with intelligent sensors and providing real-time information to monitor data and take decisions.

Another critical element of Smart cities lies in the smart grid; which refers to electricity supply networks via digital communication technology to detect and react to local changes in usage and optimize energy use in cities without wires and cables.

It enables smart meters and sensors, equipped with Internet Protocol addresses, to communicate information about the end-users energy use to the energy supplier, giving end-users more access to their energy consumption, and enabling the intelligent usage of electricity and power.

Furthermore, The intelligent transport system tracks, monitors, and manages the city’s traffic using sensors and the intelligent CCTV surveillance system that utilizes advanced analytics to conduct historical, real-time, and predictive traffic analysis and reports incidents and traffic to inform traffic dashboards and KPIs for smart cities’ smart decisions.


Smart City Solutions – Leader Group:

Leader Group remains the leader in providing innovative city solutions to all with ease of access and expertise in automation, IT, BPO, and other emerging technologies.

Its broad suite of smart city solutions from traffic control to energy efficiency to e-governance; intelligent lighting systems, building efficiency systems, and innovative healthcare; among others, are spread across multiple domains and engage with various technologies and data systems.

Leader Group’s comprehensive yet robust smart city solutions help cities make better decisions to improve their efficiency, security, traffic, water supply networks, and waste management and contribute to an enriched, efficient, and sustainable living experience.



To conclude, Smart cities are the future. With United Nations’ pledge to SDGs to nations’ commitment to fulfilling the SDGs; contributing their every bit to nations’ growth helps enhance their efforts bringing towards reality, hence contributing towards environment protection, sustaining economic development, and prospering the growth.

Leader Group’s Smart City solutions are the one-of-its-kind that makes it stand out among its competitors, enabling corporates; governments, and the community at large to achieve their smart cities’ vision with utmost ease; efficiency, resilience, and environmental commitment.

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