LIG-Digital BPO is the need of the hour Transforming BPO industry with Leader Group’s BPO solutions
20 Sep 2022

Digital BPO is the need of the hour: Transforming the BPO industry with Leader Group’s BPO solutions.

Digital BPO refers to using digital tools and technologies to carry out BPO services strategically in these changing times.
Leader Group’s BPO solutions provide both Inbound and Outbound BPO solutions that drive excellence, resilience, and efficiency among businesses

The BPO industry has remained an integral part of businesses for a long.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, too, it came at the forefront of the organizations, where organizations are taking adequate measures to deliver growth and efficiency using their BPO solutions.

BPO solutions have become a medium to address a company’s customers’ grievances, wherein the issues raised by the customers are resolved, resulting in the company retaining those customers.

A happy, delighted customer is a retained customer, which is quite evident in the BPO industry, too, where organizations take adequate measures to address their customers’ queries and issues and promote growth in their business.

The emerging model of BPO in Industry 4.0 leverages the power of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation to create even greater efficiencies and quality for the work and make it profitable across its business nuances.

Organizations utilizing the BPO benefits are leveraging the power of digital data and technology to drive effectiveness.

Suppliers, analysts, software, and automation companies are spending massively by aggressively promoting digital as a ‘must-do’ and the critical enabler of business success across the sectors.

BPO 4.0 creates a competitive advantage, which is crucial for driving a more efficient and sustainable customer cost base.

However, despite the promotion and prominence on the board agenda, thinking is developing these days.

Moreover, initially, the people-led BPO is not that prevalent these days compared to digitally driven ones.

Traditional, ‘people-led’ BPO models typically feature service providers operating out of low-cost models.

Buyers are switching to continuous operational improvement processes resulting in lesser profits. Providers are juggling long-term contracts, inflation caps against rising labor costs, and significant investments in service innovation.

Also, organizations are fuelling by demands from companies looking for a digitized streamlined BPO solution for their customers.

This, in turn, has exacerbated the demand for digitized BPO solutions.

The below-mentioned benefits that digital BPO offers further cement the significance of a digital BPO solution.


1.Optimized Services

A digital BPO enables organizations to drive innovative technologies and promote growth across their business units.

The layout of BPO-based projects is optimized for space utilization and material flow by depicting them virtually using digital BPO. It further helps companies cut costly mistakes in long-term investment decisions.



Organizations that leverage the digital BPO flourish better than those without a digital BPO.

In manufacturing companies, the benefits of digitized BPO solutions are observed in sub-assemblies routings, and the finished products can be planned in advance.

Bottlenecks in the operations are identified and improved for better material flow resulting in efficiency and cycle time reduction with a 15 to 25% improvement in productivity depending on the implementation.


3.Cost Savings

The usage of valuable resources plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry.

From human effort to raw materials, energy, tools, and consumables are monitored and minimized for cost savings by implementing BPO solutions.

A 15 to 25% in reduction in conversion cost gets achieved depending on the industry with the BPO solutions.



Digital has become the new normal, and so are the ways of doing business. Almost every industry benefits from digital tools and technologies, from manufacturing to healthcare.

Digital BPO, too, has observed enormous traction recently, owing to the rise in business practices utilizing BPO to address their customers’ concerns.

Leader Group’s comprehensive BPO solutions enable organizations to drive the benefits of digitization with its Inbound and Outbound BPO solutions.

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