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18 May 2022

Handling Employees’ Health and Safety with Leader Group’s QHSE Consultation

“With the rising advent of digitized business practices, the employees’ health and safety measures remain unattended. Leader Group’s QHSE consultation ensures employees’ health and safety at the workplace and creates a safe, secure, and healthy workplace environment”.

The world is undergoing disruption. The technologies are evolving, and the rising advent of digitized business processes is changing the ways of doing business.

The COVID-19 pandemic, on the one hand, presented the world with challenges; it has also provided the world with opportunities.

The opportunities to scale the business, drive more profits, and touch new paradigms have become the corporates’ forefront with the digital transformation.

While digital transformation uses the data, digital tools, and technologies to embark upon the benefits of digitization; the challenges that come with it remain inevitable.

In reaping the benefits of digitization and magnanimously investing in the digital ways of doing business, at times; the health and safety of employees remain unattended, making the lives of the employees working in harsh conditions remain at risk.


QHSE – Framework:

According to recent research, around 30% of the organizations operating consider the older health and safety manual in their business activities, putting employees’ lives in danger.

As the world moves towards digitization; the old traditional health and safety manuals also need innovation and revision to enable workers to work in safe, secure, and healthy working conditions.

Another research suggests that the value of the global post-COVID workplace safety market will reach USD 20 Billion by 2025.

This massive surge in the global workplace safety market attributes to the rise in the need for a more holistic approach to employees’ health and well-being.

Furthermore, smart safety and intelligent clothing will fuel the global workplace safety market.

Organizations consider employees’ health and safety as an integral part of their business strategies as healthy and happy employees get retained for a longer time than unhappy and unhealthy employees.

Sectors such as oil and gas, building and construction; and mining are among the industries that consider employees’ health and safety as a significant criterion and an essential part of their business.

The workers in these industries are prone to harsh working conditions such as working in high temperatures; surrounded by lethal machinery, and malignant gases, which pose risks to workers’ health and safety.

While eliminating these hazardous factors in such sectors is not possible, mitigating them becomes the most crucial element; which is desirable by implementing guidelines and frameworks that support creating an ideal working condition with the implementation of the QHSE framework.


Elements of an ideal QHSE Framework:

The above-discussed framework provides a complete picture of the crucial factors impacting the workers’ health and quality of life; discussed below in detail.


Workplace Environment and Climate: 

Employees work under several harsh environmental and climatic conditions. At times, they are prone to risks, susceptible to infections, and endangered to undesirable incidents.

For instance, workers working in an offshore oil and gas refinery will always be prone to high temperatures; extreme humidity, and improper exposures to machinery and greater heights.

To combat these issues; organizations keep in mind the rising significance of workers’ health and safety and implement workplace environment and climate guidelines that cater to the needs of these workers.


Workplace Policies and Culture:

Avoiding harsh working conditions becomes impossible in extensive sectors such as oil, gas, and mining as the working conditions in such sectors are natural.

While it takes a while for the workers to adapt to these harsh conditions at their workplace; implementing workers’ friendly policies is always welcomed.

Organizations, these days, focus more on preparing guidelines; frameworks, and policies that allow workers to remain safe and secure while working in such desirable conditions.


Health Status:

Health status defines the quality of work at the workplace. An unhealthy set of workers presents an unhealthy working environment at the workplace.

Mitigating these working conditions is almost impossible, but creating health awareness and quality check measures makes the working conditions even more favorable.

Timely health check-ups, continuous monitoring of workers, and consistent investigation, and inspection of the working sites add value to workers’ health and safety.


Work Evaluation and Experience:

Implementing workforce-friendly health and safety policies and frameworks is not enough to ensure a healthy working environment.

The post-work evaluation is necessary to keep the employees’ health and safety in check and ensure a safe and sound working environment.


While organizations are moving towards steps to maintaining employees’ health and safety; they are also considering measures, procedures, and frameworks to cater to employees’ complete well-being.

Leader Group, too, remains at the forefront of ensuring its clients with effective implementation of its QHSE consultation that provides health and safety standards at their workplace and creates a safe, secured, and healthy working environment for the workers.

In addition, Leader Group’s QHSE consultation helps clients establish, implement; maintain and monitor Quality, Health, Environment, and Safety standards at their workplace, ensuring a completely healthy and safe environment for their workers.

So far, Leader Group’s QHSE consultation has achieved milestones such as zero incidents; secure and healthy working environments, safe, high-quality, and environmentally responsible products and services, and responsible use of natural resources.

Moreover, Leader Group’s QHSE consultation sets an industry benchmark by meeting the most outstanding quality, health, safety, and environmental standards; which makes it stand out among its competitors.


Conclusion – QHSE Consultation:

With the rise in digitized business practices, organizations are leveraging digital tools and technologies; creating a gap in addressing the employees’ health and safety standards.

As the demand for global health and safety regulations is increasing; organizations too, are giving massive importance to measures catering to the well-being of the employees.

Leader Group’s QHSE consultation ensures the clients with a complete; robust framework that maintains quality, health, safety, and the entire well-being of the employees.

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