21 Apr 2022

Leader Group’s QHSE sets an industry benchmark in Employees’ Health and Safety

“Employees’ Health and Safety is not only about taking care of employee well-being but a benchmark that marks organizations’ success by building its reputation.  Leader Group’s QHSE consultation helps organizations set health and safety standards and achieve employee safety goals”.

Employees are an integral part of an organization. They form the core of the firms and contribute to helping organizations achieve their business goals and objectives.

Enhancing employees’ health, tracking their well-being, and taking steps to improve their safety by creating a safer working environment helps organizations define their QHSE standards.

All this becomes more significant during these crises times; when health and hygiene have become of utmost importance, owing to health hazards caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

It creates extra responsibility for the organizations’ HR departments to formulate health and safety policies; define a healthy infrastructure focussing on employees’ well-being, and create a safe and healthy working environment for one and all.


QHSE – Requirement:

Human resources professionals are required to contribute significantly to promoting the health and safety of the employees; which leads to effective growth and development of the organization and its employees.

Employees also maintain good health and feel safe within the working environmental conditions; to achieve organizational goals and physical and psychological aspects of employees.

Organizations take steps to promote employees’ health and safety physically and also psychologically by generating information and formulating measures to promote employees’ good health and safety.

According to recent research, almost 37% of extensive working organizations have started investing in the QHSE requirements of their employees.

This surged figure suggests the rising significance of caring for the employees; contributing to organizations’ well-being and reputation among its stakeholders.

Recently, governing states and regulatory bodies have also mandated the implementation of QHSE practices in the organizations; which has further shifted firms’ focus on improving organizations’ health and safety standards.

It marks the organizations’ success in the long run and helps rating agencies identify businesses that contribute massively to the employees’ health and safety.


Significance of Employees’ Health and Safety:

The significance of employees’ health and safety is massive in today’s digital world; where everything tends to change from the business processes to the businesses’ goals and objectives.

A good workforce leads to sound output, they say. With the highly digitally- disruptive markets; organizations tend to lose their grip on employees’ health and safety, focussing only on digital investments.

However, recent findings have suggested that companies are moving toward taking the care of employees; realizing they are the only assets that help firms achieve their goals and objectives digitally.

The employees who work in comparatively safer environmental conditions significantly contribute to their assigned roles and responsibilities that lead to the achievement of desired goals and objectives.

While the employees who work in harsh conditions feel vulnerable and apprehensive; which are regarded as significant barriers to achieving the company’s vision.

Therefore, many organizations focus on formulating the below-discussed measures that enable the employees to feel safe and enhance their confidence, which drives profitable insights.


Creating Workplace Safety:

Safety at the workplace is a critical step towards achieving workplace safety. Organizations work in coloration with the QHSE service providers to ensure a sound and well-defined quality and health environment at the workplace.

It enables employees to work appropriately to ensure a workplace safety culture that promotes safety among employees.


Training and Development:

Adequate training and development define the outcomes of an organization.

It gets delivered through modules that add value to the employees’ skillsets, enhancing overall productivity.

Standardized training and development programs enable employees to extract the maximum benefits from employees capabilities and create a safer working environment that makes every employee feel safe, sound, and efficient.


Maintaining Effective Communication:

Effective communication is the most critical aspect of the growth and development of the organization and promotes safety for the employees.

A hassle-free communication among the employees leaves no stone unturned for the smooth functioning of business activities, making the employees feel safe and secure ensuring adequate health and safety standards across the facilities.


Leader Group’s consultation on QHSE helps organizations establish, implement, maintain, and monitor Quality, Health, Environment, and Safety standards. That builds up a wealth of experience in designing and implementing good Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental management systems and providing a one-stop service to all.

Leader Group’s comprehensive Environmental Management System helps organizations achieve goals and objectives by following a framework that standardizes the quality, health, environment, and safety of one and all.

The QHSE framework from Leader Group ensures occupational safety; establishes individual responsibility, and implements policies that drive a healthy, effective, and safer working environment.



The health and safety of employees are of utmost importance, especially during these COVID times.

Organizations are taking steps, making plans, and defining frameworks to carry out the QHSE procedures at their facilities to ensure practical QHSE standards.

In conclusion, Leader Group’s comprehensive framework on QHSE helps clients implement practical QHSE standards at their facilities; thereby driving a good Quality, Health, and Safety environment at the workplace.

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