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18 Feb 2022

Seamless Software Integration with Leader’s Third-party Software Integration Services  

“Third-party software integration enables organizations to cut costs and improve scalable profits. Leader Group’s seamless third-party software integration enables organizations to boost their product quality, thus enhancing their business performance.”

These days, organizations are focussing on deploying effective services to their clients, thereby improving client satisfaction and gaining profitability.

In Industry 4.0, Digital Revolution as they call it, businesses are moving to digitized business processes, enhancing the digital tools, and achieving profits.

Digital tools and digital practices drive profitable businesses these days.

Gone are the days when traditional business tools and practices created positive business outcomes.

With the surge in competition among businesses, it has become imperative to innovate and improve existing business practices to remain competitive in the market.

Organizations are changing BCP’s (Business Continuity Plans), aligning themselves with the new, innovative, and digital tools and practices to gain effectiveness.

These days, organizations allocate their budgets to focus more on digitally-driven technologies to leverage maximum benefits in less budget without compromising on the quality of their products and services.


Software Integration – Usages:

At times, organizations spent a lot of their allocated budgets on developing the products and services they otherwise could have saved by integrating with third-party API entities.

Third-party software integration refers to the addition of external data to a business app through an API (Application Program Interface) that aids an organization in achieving the outcomes without investing massive budgets on a particular technology.

Using third-party software, developers can quickly add new features with the existing components instead of writing new codes from scratch, thereby saving the amount of time taken and money spent.

For instance, if a software developer plans to a chatbox into the existing app; he no longer must depend upon the software codes.

Rather than building an entire new chat interface, the developer uses an API to integrate the existing chatbox component with the main application, achieving the required functionality in less time and less budget.

According to recent research, the third-party integration software market will be reaching massive figures.

The integration platform (iPaaS) market will be worth USD  14 billion by 2025.

This rise in market value attributes to the rising demand for third-party software integration software, especially start-ups.

While few organizations believe in spending a significant chunk of their allocated budgets in writing codes and developing software; many start-ups are shifting towards investing a lot of money using their in-house APIs.


Reasons to Invest in Third-Party Software Integration:


Quick Production:

Compared to the time spent in writing software codes and developing software; organizations leverage third-party software to reap benefits in comparatively less time with software integrations.


The Amalgamation Of Better Features:

By utilizing third-party integrations, organizations incorporate superior features into their apps with utmost ease.

By integrating third-party software solutions to an organization’s app, the organizations provide world-class features to their customers.


Customer Retention:

A great service retains customers.

With third-party expertise on a particular software, not only are the costs cut and time is saved; but the superior user experience is also an achievement, enabling organizations to retain their customers in the longer run.

Leader Group’s third-party integration services integrate previously developed features within a software code to enhance the overall functionality of the same.

It collaborates with third-party APIs to speed up the development process and cut down the market time.

Moreover, it offers solutions that boost an organization’s software development without compromising product quality.


SAP Integration:

Leader Group’s SAP Integration helps connect SAP with any non-SAP system to utilize SAP functionality through mobile devices, web interfaces & third-party apps.

It utilizes feature-rich developer tools and a platform created specifically for API-based connectivity.

Packaged ERP software like SAP provides various functions for better operations. to provide better visibility and improve business efficiency.

Leader Group delivers secure, scalable, and proven integration solutions to connect SAP ERP with the rest of an organizations’ software systems.


Microsoft SharePoint:

Leader Group’s “SharePoint” services integrate with Microsoft SharePoint to uncover the most extensive integration with seamless integration.

Apart from integrating SharePoint with widely used enterprise systems (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, among others), Leader Group also assists organizations in custom integration projects that require individual approaches and solutions.


Qlik Sense:

Leader Group’s third-party software approach combines customer-centric ways to provide customers with its services.

It enables seamless integration of Qlik Sense for organizations’ businesses by providing a complete data analytics platform for innovative analytics. Furthermore, Leader Group’s Software Integration services provide system APIs in a tailor-made format, customized with the customers’ needs.

From applying to social media integration to one-click sign-in, the Payment gateway to Salesforce applications; Leader Group’s third-party APIs embeds with all, thus driving profitable results for the customers.



Businesses are much more fast-paced, more competitive, and highly comprehensive in the digital age.

It becomes difficult for businesses to remain intact without practical solutions with such robustness.

Third-party software integrations ease the entire process, making the organizations invest less in developing software or technology on their own and derive it from a third-party expert vendor.

Leader’s unique third-party software integration enables customers to leverage expertise without making the business cycle simple and sophisticated.

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