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20 Jun 2022

Smart Cities Are A Living Dream Now With Leader Group’s Smart City Solutions

“Smart Cities solutions are not just a medium to transform a city digitally, but they also create a holistic view of a digital city that caters to an efficient, safe, and sustainable living experience. With Leader Group’s Smart City solutions, leverage digital dreams flourish both in the short term and long-run”.

Digital is the new normal. Smart or Digital, as they call it, has become an integral part of not only corporates and industries but also the cities and the communities living at large.

Society has always been a part of the economic development of any nation.

Regarding socio-economic development; society and communities form a significant share of the development, which shapes the communities with its own advantages, leveraging the power of digital data, tools, and technologies.

A smart city is not just a concept but an amalgamation of digital tools and technologies that use ICT (Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) specifically designed to transform a city into a digital city.

The ICT framework encompasses a smart network of machines such as sensors that transmit data wirelessly; which later uses cloud-based applications to receive, evaluate and manage data in real-time; enabling the cities, corporations, and citizens to make better decisions that improve the quality of their life.

According to recently conducted research, the market value of global smart cities will reach USD 800 Billion by 2026.

This major shift in smart city’s market value is attributed to the rising need for efficient management and utilization of resources.

Also, factors such as rising awareness for public safety, efficient transport, and a surge in demand for a healthy environment with efficient energy consumption are driving the global smart city market growth.


Essential Elements of a Smart City:

Digitizing an entire city is easier said than done. It encapsulates several stakeholders, from government bodies, municipalities, private corporations, and communities and societies; whose active participation transforms the smart city idea into a reality.

There has been a surge in the change of the belief from municipalities. Now the municipal leaders realize that smart-city strategies and reality start with people, not just technology.

It is not only about installing digital interfaces in traditional infrastructure by streamlining city operations but also about using technology and data purposefully to make better decisions and deliver a better quality of life to the communities.

Smart cities utilize digital data and technology to make better decisions and improve the quality of life.

Furthermore, the comprehensive, real-time data allows organizations to watch events as they unfold, understanding how digitization is fuelling the demand for smart cities magnanimously.

The parameters below define the effectiveness by which, when combined, all stakeholders archive a Smart City.



Citizens’ safety is the most important aspect while digitizing the cities. Municipalities and organizations implement proactive measures that utilize ICT to create automated security and a safe environment for the communities.

Digitized monitoring of risks and automated alerts are some of the examples that ensure safety.



The goal of a smart city is not just delivering digital solutions but also a continuous commitment to conserving the environment.

Digital tools are employed that take care of the environment by delivering automated watering systems to autonomous drainage systems, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of digital cities.



No digital goal is achievable with the proper connectivity of digital tools and technologies. An integrated approach is followed that ensures hassle-free connectivity among several vendors and stakeholders of the communities.

Digital connectivity ensures a complete commitment to providing digitization and achieving sustainable development.



Achieving a complete smart city without having technology at the forefront is like having earth without a sky.

Technology and Digital go hand in hand. With the rising digitization, organizations are investing massively in integrating their infrastructure with digital tools and technologies. The organizations that have digital-first as their strategy succeed more in leveraging smart cities.


Leader Group is one such organization that has digital as its main USP. From offering digital transformation services to creating digital products, the organizations remain a leader in the market.

Its Smart City solutions help governments and municipalities achieve the goals of smart cities by embedding ICTs in their solutions.

It not only offers solutions that digitize cities but also creates a rich, efficient, and sustainable living experience for the citizens.



Digital is the new normal, and so are the digital cities.

With digitization prevailing with utmost resilience and pace, it becomes imperative for stakeholders such as corporates, municipalities, and government bodies to come together and take steps to embark on this journey to smart cities and deliver growth and sustainability.

Leader Group’s Smart city solutions contribute massively to enabling cities to achieve the goals of smart cities at large.

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