Cyber Attacks
10 Jan 2022

Tackling the Cyber Attacks with Leader’s Cybersecurity Solutions

“With the rise in cyber-attacks, the concerns to protect the digital data have surged exponentially across the businesses. Leader Group’s cyber security solutions protect the businesses from both planned cyber-attacks and typical internal vulnerabilities”.

The COVID-19 pandemic emerged the challenges came, and so did the opportunities that have evolved.

Like any catastrophic event that brings challenges and obstacles, it also provides the world with the opportunities to leverage and gain momentum.

Just like it provided us with the challenges such as worldwide lockdown and social distancing, it also paved the way for remote working and digital transformation.

Organizations leveraged upon digital transformation and digitized their business practices, giving rise to a change in the way businesses occur, connecting the stakeholders through the virtual mode of communication, and bringing the data more into place.

While the data usage is more, providing a way for smooth communication among the businesses, the data became more vulnerable to data security due to its continuous exposure to unreliable and unauthorized parties without even knowing.

These unknown third parties are cyber attackers.

They use virtual mediums and data to perform cyber-attacks via various mediums such as phishing, cyber breaches; and malware, among others.

This exposed data remains susceptible to cyber-attacks and remains vulnerable to an organization if not tackled with cyber security solutions in time.

Cyber attackers’ most common cyber attacks methods include malware use, social engineering, hacking, and web attacks.

According to recent research from PurpleSec, a US-based cybersecurity firm; the total number of cyber breaches in 2019 reached 1,473, up from 1,257 in 2018.

A total of164.6 million records were exposed in 2018, leading to the average cost per lost record being USD 150.

The organizations reported that the most common medium used by the cyber attackers included targeted emails, or spear phishing in 91% of successful data breaches, while this figure becomes 95% of overall enterprise networks.

However, keeping this rising cyber security concern in mind; Leader Group devised its cybersecurity solution to help organizations cope with the cyber threats, securing their data and the overall business practices.


Three-Pronged Approach To Defend Cyber Attacks:

Leader Group’s robust cyber-security solutions ensure complete cyber security to the organizations with its one-of-a-kind cyber security solutions.

Leader’s robust cyber security involves implementing controls based on three pillars, People, Processes, and Technology, which ensures a secured work environment for the organizations against cyber threats that make organizations vulnerable.

This three-pronged approach from Leader Group helps organizations defend themselves from organized attacks and common internal threats; such as accidental breaches and human error.



For any business solutions to flourish effectively; it is essential to impart the technical know-how of the cyber breaches to the employees, and the workforce, which ensures smooth conduct of business processes with less chance of cyber-attacks.

Determining, preventing, and decreasing cyber attacks is not just the job of the cyber security professionals; but the entire workforce, the overall employees.

The people in the organization, that is, every employee, must understand their role in preventing and decreasing cyber threats.

Moreover, the specialized technical cybersecurity professionals must stay abreast of the latest skills required and steps to mitigate and respond to cyber-attacks.



It is crucial to understand the business processes completely to identify how an organization’s business processes mitigate the cyber-attacks.

Processes are critical in defining how the organizations’ activities, roles, and documents mitigate information security threats.

Since cyber risks evolve rapidly; organizations must regularly review the business processes to remain ahead of them and implement essential steps to mitigate them.



Cyber security risks differ, and so does the technology used to get rid of those risks.

Once the organization’s cyber threats are determined, the risk control plans can be decided and implemented.

One size fits all; it doesn’t work when it comes to tackling cyber threats.

Hence, it becomes imperative for an organization to understand the risks of cyber threats and the acceptable level of risk based on the risk assessments.

Once the risk and its potential are determined; the organizations can use technology to prevent or lessen the impact of cyberattacks.


Leader Groups’ Focus Area to Cyber Security & Cyber Attacks:

Leader Group’s Cyber Security solutions focus on the all-around performance of the organizations by covering the entire business cycles and business units to ensure a well-defined cyber security solution.


Information and Technology Assets:

Information and technology assets, such as hardware, software, applications, servers, and databases, are maintained with relevant information.

This information includes asset name, ID, location, IP address, asset value or criticality level based on CIA; business department mapping, owner, custodian, among others.


Multi-factor Authentication:

Having multi-factor authentication makes the system more secure against cyber-attacks and cyber risks.

It acts as a double-shield layer of protection that makes the assets and data less vulnerable to cyber attacks by forming extra protection against cyber-attacks.


Malware Protection:

Malware and virus protection ensures an effective, risk-free IT environment.

The malware protection is restricted to the IT network and extended to other networks that might get exposed to cyber threats. Furthermore, Leader Group’s cybersecurity solutions help the organizations deal with the existing risks and prepare them to deal with the potential cyber threats that may arise.



In the rising trend of digital transformation and this digitized world of Industry 4.0; Cybersecurity is the need of the hour.

With the prevalence of digitized business practices and the rise in instances of data utilization; business practices’ chances of becoming vulnerable to cyber-attacks become normal in the new normal.

However, Leader Group’s robust cyber security solutions offer a three-pronged approach that entails people, processes; and technology to ensure adequate Cybersecurity that promises a secured working environment for the organizations against cyber risks.

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