Smart City Management

Smart City Solutions
29 Dec 2121

Smart Cities Getting Transformed with Leader’s Smart City Solutions

“With the new normal, the smart city solutions, too, are becoming smarter. Emerging technologies, AI, and IoT are transforming cities to an all-new smart way.” The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, if not...

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Smart City Solutions
17 Dec 2121

Efficient Smart City Solutions: Efficiency in Industry 4.0

“As the cities get smarter, the responsibility to remain more sustainable and environmentally friendly becomes more imperative with the citizens as well to get smart city solutions.” Smart cities use data, technology, and innovative...

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Leader Group's IoT Enabling Smart City Management
18 Aug 2121

Leader Group’s IoT Enabling Smart City Management

The intervention of IoT has the power to transform ordinary cities into smart cities. In smart cities, the group of technologies including smart sensors, data, and connectivity combines to create digital environments, enhancing smart...

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