What does Metaverse hold for Corporates: Metaverse of the future
10 Jan 2023

What does Metaverse hold for Corporates: Metaverse of the future

“Metaverse is not a technology but a broad shift in how industries interact and communicate to assess using technology in this fast-growing world. Like the Retail sector, Metaverse will transform the future of work across the corporates in the upcoming days”.

The change is surging up, the digital transformation is all around, and how the internet behaves is undergoing an all-new transition, with virtual reality at the forefront of businesses.

The internet has transformed a lot and has shown the world its benefits and repercussion at times; and since then, the outcome of this evolution is Metaverse, which is all set to transform the internet experience into an all-new digital experience.

We are now living in changing times where real lives are bound to spill over to the Metaverse, enabling an all-new virtual experience for the masses.

The term “Metaverse” was first given by Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash,” published in 1992, where he envisioned the reality of lifelike avatars that meet in virtual reality encompassing realistic 3D buildings and other virtual reality environments, bringing together an entire spectrum of the virtual universe, regarded as Metaverse.

Simplify put, Metaverse is not any specific type of technology; instead, a broad shift in the ways we interact and communicate using the technology in this fast-growing world by eventually becoming just as antiquated, even as any specific emerging technology.

Metaverse aims to make human lives easier, more comfortable, and fulfilled, with nuances of technology being taken in tandem while driving efficiency across the sectors.

Of late, sectors such as Retail have observed significant benefits and favors from the shoppers, where it utilizes VR and AR to deliver a hassle-free virtual experience to the buyers.

Customers from remote locations can easily navigate through the plethora of options from the inventory and select the ones that suit them the best.

With AR, the users get access to identify the shape, size, looks, and how a particular good will look at them by virtually trying the given options.

For electronic appliances, such as TV, AC, chairs, tables, and furniture-related inventory, users get a complete real-time view of the inventory or the product in a virtual format without needing to visit the store for their shopping purpose.

Regarding technology leaders, Metaverse represents a common place to immerse users in the digital world, providing them with virtual reality at their convenience.

In other words, the Metaverse will alter many sectors massively by introducing virtual reality (VR) based wearables, which lets users have the same sense and feel of the real world from their homes.

For instance, people can easily enjoy the aspects of real life through a virtual mode of communication, thereby avoiding the need to undergo long commutes, breathe in polluted air or even dress up for different occasions.

The rising use of AR in education has resulted in benefits for students seeking education, with the rise in their ability to study various subjects and modules at their own pace and expand their horizons beyond the spectrum of what seems confined to a classroom.

This provides the students with easy access to AR-based learning and access to an all-new digital customer experience, enabling them to leverage the benefits of digitization.

Furthermore, Metaverse holds massive potential for Corporates with its specific features and enormous ability to shape the future of the work.

Metaverse for Corporates: The Future of Work

The future of work will be entirely different from what goes today once it gets applied to how corporates work these days.

Nothing is denying that Metaverse will provide an all-new digital experience to corporates with the unique possibilities it possesses to transform the future of work.

Big brands such as Facebook, Nvidia, Sony, and Microsoft are known for investing heavily in emerging technologies and intend to transform their businesses into Metaverse enterprises in the upcoming years with the non-physical digital experience without the presence of any physical world.

According to Bloomberg, the market value of Metaverse will reach USD 800 billion by 2.5 trillion by 2030, making it the next future universe.

Such a massive surge in the market figures tells the utmost potential Metaverse holds for the corporates that will completely transform the future of work.

It won’t be a hyperbole to say that just like Retail is utilizing Augmented Reality to deliver a hassle-free shopping experience to shoppers, the corporates, too, will be using AR for conducting meetings, conferences, workshops, and other work aspects, providing a digital medium for avoiding the compulsion of being present at the office in the near future, making the future of work all digital.


Metaverse has so far shown enormous opportunities, massive disruptions, and the utmost potential to impact various industries across the sectors.

With Metaverse unlocking infinite possibilities of communicating quickly, replicating business operations, and using immersive simulations in the corporate sector as well, it won’t be a surprise that the work culture at corporates, too, will be incorporating metaverse technology into their business processes and better service in the days to come.

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