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Smart City Solutions
13 May 2222

Delivering a hassle-free enriched living experience with Leader Group’s Smart City Solutions

“Smart City or Smart cities are not only the cities that are connected and optimized through technology but are also solutions for reducing the alarming environmental and socio-economic repercussions due to urbanization.” Smart cities...

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Smart Cities
11 Mar 2222

Digitizing the future of Smart Cities with Leader Group

“Smart cities are not only about digitizing the cities with digital tools and technology but also about providing a sustainable, efficient, and liveable experience to the citizens. Leader Group’s proactive and robust Smart City...

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Smart City Solutions
29 Dec 2121

Smart Cities Getting Transformed with Leader’s Smart City Solutions

“With the new normal, the smart city solutions, too, are becoming smarter. Emerging technologies, AI, and IoT are transforming cities to an all-new smart way.” The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, if not...

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Smart Technology | Smart Digital Workplace
03 Aug 2121

People-Centered & Smart Digital Workplaces In COVID Times

The world itself is going through a tough time due to the impact of the pandemic. It has shaken the whole human race. During this unprecedented time, companies have done a solid job of...

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